Monitoring Survey Datasets Fact Sheet 2007 / 2008

How does Monitoring Survey Datasets work within the D.R.P.I. Canada project?

Monitoring Survey Datasets is one of 4 interrelated areas of a Disability Rights Promotion International Canada (D.R.P.I. Canada) project that promotes a holistic view of the human rights situation of people with disabilities. The three other areas include Monitoring Media, Monitoring Individual Experiences, and Monitoring Policy and Law.  D.R.P.I. Canada, funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, is a collaborative effort between universities and human rights and disability organizations, and works to establish a sustainable monitoring system to address disability discrimination in Canada.

What does it mean to Monitor Survey Datasets?

Monitoring Survey Datasets involves research on the documentation and verification of information collected by existing surveys on the situation of individuals with disabilities.

Research Questions:

  • Do current survey datasets collect data that permits an assessment of how and whether the rights of people with disabilities are being realized?
  • How can data collection be improved to facilitate disability rights monitoring?
  • How is disability defined across surveys? What impact does the survey’s context have on the likelihood of respondents self-reporting a disability?
  • To what extend are surveys administrated and data collected in accessible formats for people with a diversity of disabilities?

How do we Monitor Survey Datasets?

Various survey datasets are examined in order to determine how information with respect to the situation of people with disabilities is collected and how data collection should be improved to facilitate disability rights monitoring in Canada.

Why is Monitoring Survey Datasets important?

This research is essential to determine the extent to which the existing surveys permit an accurate assessment of whether and how the rights of people with disabilities are being realized. Recommendations can be made to improve the frameworks of existing population surveys to advance the human rights for people with disabilities across Canada.

Monitoring Survey Datasets – Team Members

  • Marcia Rioux, Project Director, York University
  • Cameron Crawford, Canadian Association for Community Living
  • Patrick Fougeyrollas, L’Institut de Réadaptation en Déficience Physique de Québec (IRDPQ), Laval University
  • Mihaela Dinca, D.R.P.I. Canada Project Coordinator, 416-736-2100 ext. 20883

Monitoring Survey Datasets – Organizational Partners