Monitoring Media Fact Sheet 2007 / 2008

How does Monitoring Media work within the D.R.P.I. Canada Project?

Monitoring Media is one of 4 interrelated areas of a Disability Rights Promotion International Canada (D.R.P.I. Canada) project that promotes a holistic view on human rights situation of people with disabilities. The 3 other areas include Monitoring Individual Experiences, Monitoring Policy and Law, and Monitoring Survey Datasets. D.R.P.I. Canada, funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, is a collaborative effort between universities and human rights and disability organizations, and works to establish a sustainable monitoring system to address disability discrimination in Canada.

What does it mean to Monitor Media?

Monitoring media involves research on the documentation and verification of information media reportage on disability and persons with disabilities.

Research Questions:

  • The last twenty years have marked a paradigm shift in the way that society understands disability. Does the media reflect this paradigm shift?
  • What is the media transmitting to us about disability?

How do we Monitor Media?

Stories in Canada’s major print and broadcast media that address disability issues and the experiences of people with disabilities are examined through lens of human rights. Stories from various media sources are analyzed to see whether disability rights are affirmed, denied or recognized. An essential part of this monitoring involves consultation with experts with knowledge and expertise both in the media and in disability issues.

Why is Monitoring Media important?

Media plays an important role in shaping public attitudes towards disability and disability rights. This is the first time that disability rights media monitoring has been carried out in Canada.  Benchmarks for a fair and balanced picture of disability and persons with disability are proposed to replace myths and stereotypes perpetuated by media portrayals.

Monitoring Media – Team Members

  • Marcia Rioux, Project Director, York University
  • Daniel Drache, York University
  • Ray Cohen, Canadian Abilities Foundation (C.A.F.)
  • Andrew Laing, Cormex Research
  • Geoffrey Reaume, York University
  • Mihaela Dinca, D.R.P.I. Canada Project Coordinator, 416-736-2100 ext. 20883

Organizational Partners