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Welcome to the DRPI New Zealand project.

Contact information

Individual Experiences Monitoring Project

Project Co-ordinator: Rachel Noble
Email the Individual Experiences Monitoring Project Coordinator Rachel Noble

Systemic Monitoring Project

Project Co-ordinator: Petra Butler – Victoria University of Wellington
Email the Systemic Monitoring Project Coordinator Petra Butler

DRPI New Zealand – People

People & Organisations Involved in the Project

  • Wendi Wicks – Chair Project Management Committee
  • Rachel Noble – Vice chair Project Management Committee
  • Rose Wilkinson – Rapid Response team
  • Barbara Hart – Project Management Committee/Monitor
  • Graeme Parish – Project Management Committee
  • Nigel Ngahiwi – Project Management Committee
  • Mary Schnackenberg – Project Management Committee
  • Dairne Kirton – Site Co-ordinator
  • Raymond Thoumine – Monitor
  • Latoa Halatau – Monitor
  • Tewai Halatau – Site Co-ordinator
  • Beverley Grammer – Site Co-ordinator
  • Poihaere Morris – Monitor
  • Elizabeth McGougan – Monitor
  • Kaeti Rigarlsford – Site Co-ordinator/Data Analyst
  • Chris Brown – Monitor
  • Nathan Bond – Monitor/ Data Analyst
  • Oliver Ferguson – Monitor
  • Talitha Borland – Site Co-ordinator
  • Peter Wilson – Monitor
  • Paul Blick – Monitor
  • Andrea Courtney – Monitor
  • Michelle Mars – Data Analysis Team Leader
  • Gary Williams – Project Co-ordinator
  • Bronwyn Hayward – Data Analyst
  • 15 anonymous disabled volunteers for the mock interviews.

Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand Inc

ABCNZ is a national organisation of, and for, blind citizens of New Zealand.

Founded in 1945, ABC NZ has branches throughout New Zealand and advocates on blindness-related issues as well as assists government and health agencies, utilities and other organisations in improving services to blind people. One of the country’s largest organisations of disabled consumers, the Association’s aim is to heighten awareness of the rights of blind and vision impaired people and to remove the barriers that impact upon our ability to live in an accessible, equitable and inclusive society.

Deaf Aotearoa NZ New Zealand

DANZ work with Deaf New Zealanders to make sure they can access the information and services they need to live independently, take part in our vibrant Deaf communities and to follow their dreams. Deaf Aotearoa NZ New Zealand (DANZ) is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes Deaf culture, New Zealand Sign Language and the interests of the Deaf community. We have Deaf and hearing staff who care deeply about Deaf culture, Deaf values and who always go the extra mile for our Deaf members.

Disabled Persons Assembly (New Zealand) Incorporated

DPA is the collective voice of people with disability in New Zealand based on principles of human rights and equal value of life. DPA is an umbrella organisation representing:

  • People with all types of impairments — physical, sensory, intellectual, psychiatric
  • and neurological, acquired at any stage of life
  • People with all types of impairments — physical, sensory, intellectual, psychiatric
  • and neurological, acquired at any stage of life
  • The families of disabled people
  • Disability advocacy organisations
  • Disability service providers

Nga Hau e Wha

Influential Leadership –“ To Champion Many Voices” Nga Hau e Wha is a quarterly meeting for mental health consumers, funded by Ministry of Health. There are currently eight members, two members from each of the four regions of New Zealand – Southern, Central, Midland and Northern. All members are mandated by their region and it allows regional issues to be tabled at a national level. Nga Hau e Wha meets with the Mental Health Commission and the Ministry of Health and any other organisation who wish to consult with them.

Ngâti Kâpo O Aotearoa Inc

Ngâti Kâpô O Aotearoa Inc is a non-profit national consumer-governed provider of kaupapa Mâori health, disability, education and social support services to Mâori disabled and their whânau and Mâori kâpô (blind, vision impaired and deaf blind persons) and their whânau in Aotearoa. Founded in 1983 by Mâori kâpô and their whânau, the purpose of Ngâti Kâpô is to advocate and provide services that enable Ngâti Kâpô members’ well-being and self sustainability.

Ngâti Kâpô provides self-advocacy, information and advice, advocacy, peer support, policy advice, research and development, training and workforce development services. All Ngâti Kâpô initiatives reaffirm the importance of serving the needs and aspirations of not only Ngâti Kâpô members, but also disabled Mâori and Mâoridom.

People First New Zealand Incorporated Nga Tangata Tuatahi

People First is part of an international self advocacy movement. It is led by and for people with a learning/ intellectual disability. People First members meet regularly in groups throughout New Zealand to learn to speak up for themselves and for their friends and:

  • gives people the chance to talk about things that are important to them
  • helps people learn about their rights and responsibilities
  • helps people learn to make choices and get more confidence
  • helps people to learn that making mistakes is OK and part of life