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Kumar Regmi sorts through attendance sheets during the training
Kumar Regmi sorts through attendance sheets during the training

On April 18, 2012, DRPI’s Nepal Country monitoring project began during a ceremony at the Grand Norland Hotel in Gokarna Mulpani, Kathmandu. The keynote speakers at the opening ceremony were Dan Bahadur Chaudhary, Minister of Women, Children and Social Welfare and Tarai Madesh, Representative for the Nepal Loktantrik Samajbadi Dal Party.  Both speakers wished the participants well and reiterated the importance of monitoring human rights in both rural and urban regions of Nepal.

One female and one male monitor sit facing each other at a table. In front of them are books, papers and pens. They are close to a wall with flip chart notes taped to it.
Two monitors discuss what happened when they practised their interviewing skills

The National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN), assisted by the DRPI Asia-Pacific regional office, planned and led the seven-day training involving 30 participants (coordinators, monitors and data analysts).  During the training, participants were introduced to techniques that they will use to conduct face-to-face interviews with persons with disabilities in four regions of Nepal – Dang, Jhapa, Kathmandu Valley and Kaski.  Monitors had many opportunities to practice their new skills during the training including conducting practice interviews with outside volunteers. Participants also learned how to gather, assess and report on government laws, policies and programs related to disability rights as well as how to review media stories to see what they reveal about societal attitudes toward disability.

Three people, one woman and two men, are sitting outside, at a table covered by an umbrella. In the background, there is a gazebo to the right and another building to the left.
Two monitors (left and center) are practising their interview skills with a guest (right) with a disability from the Kathmandu region.

Following the training, participants proceeded directly to the field to begin collecting disability rights monitoring information. Once the information is collected and analyzed, a holistic report will be prepared that gives a complete picture of the human rights situation of persons with disabilities in Nepal.

Click here to access photos from the DRPI Nepal training on monitoring the rights of people with disabilities on our Facebook page.

DRPI Nepal – People

Organizational Partner: Federation of the Disabled-Nepal (NFDN)

Country Project Coordinator: Birendra Raj Pokharel

Individual Experiences Monitoring

Dang Monitoring Site

Site Coordinator: ChintaMani Paudel

  • Asha Pun
  • Bashudev Rijal
  • Bhuma Chaudhari
  • Tilak Bahadur Basnet

Kaski Monitoring Site

Site Coordinator: Shishir Khanal

  • Amrit Baral
  • Laxman Subedi
  • Lok Bahadur Gurung
  • Sushila Bhujel

Jhapa Monitoring Site

Site Coordinator: Kumar Regmi

  • Lila Paudel
  • Pitambar Ghimire

Kathmandu Valley Monitoring Site

Site Coordinator: Ram Pyari Karki

  • Goma Devi Paudel
  • Neeta Keshari Bhattara
  • Puja Pokharel
  • Samjhana Ghimire
  • Sarosati Paudel
  • Tek Nath Neupane
  • Yubaraj Kattel

Data Analysis

Coordinator: Dhruba Gyanwali

  • Yubaraj Kattel
  • Samjhana Ghimire

Systemic Monitoring (Laws, Policies and Programs)

Monitors and Data Analysts

  • Tika Dahal
  • Mukunda Dahal
  • Narbahadur Limbu

Societal Attitudes Monitoring (Through Media)

Monitors and Data Analysts

  • Sudarshan Subedi
  • Jagadish Adhikari
  • Laxman Subedi