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Welcome to DRPI India. A training seminar for monitors and field assistants was held in Hyderabad in May, 2007. The collection of data in the field took place in June and July. Over 100 interviews were conducted in three monitoring sites: Hyderabad (urban), Kurnool (town) and villages in the Visakhapatnam District (rural) (Thokuru, Konapuram, Kondiva and Malchingaram Villages). The coding and analysis of monitoring data has been led by members of Swadhikaar Centre for Disabilities Information, Research & Resource Development. The final report is being launched on February 21, 2010 by Justice Sri B. Subhashan Reddy, Chairperson, Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission. The launch will form part of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the National Institute of the Mentally Handicapped (NIMH), Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh State, India. Mr. M. Pavan Kumar, Project Coordinator, will present the monitoring report and a brief summary of its findings as part of the afternoon seminar proceedings. The monitors and monitoring assistants who participated in the project have been invited to participate in the day’s events. The India report can be accessed here.

DRPI India – People

Organizational Partners

  • Swadhikaar Center for Disabilities Information, Research & Resource Development – Govinda Rao Asmita
  • Resource Centre for Women – N. Beena
  • NALSAR School of Law – Ranbir Singh and Kalpana Kannabiran
  • National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped – T.C. Sivakumar
  • Leonard Cheshire International South-Asia Region – M. Rajendra
  • Andhra Pradesh State Legal Services Authority – Bilal Nazki
  • Communication Resource Centre, Hyderabad – Manisha Agarwal

Project Co-ordinator

  • M. Pavan Kumar

Principal Researchers

  • Anuradha S. Echambadi
  • Ravindra Walters


  • Kolly Nageshwara Rao
  • N. Narasimha
  • N. Thirupathamma
  • P.V. Parasuram
  • C. Thirupathaiah
  • K. Mache Raju
  • Masthan Reddy
  • G. Bala Kristamma
  • K. Lakshmi
  • Kanakanti Krishna Reddy
  • R. Subba Rathna
  • G. NagaRaju
  • K. Laxmana Rao

Field Assistants

  • Nanduri Ramesh S.S.
  • Abdul Sazeed ali
  • G. Venkatnarayana
  • S. Laxman
  • Y. Karunakar
  • Mallam Kavitha