2018 Nepal Holistic Report



Monitoring Employment Rights of People with Disabilities in Kathmandu, Nepal, Holistic Report 2018


  • Authors:   Mr. Sagar Prasai, Mr. Aashish Pant
  • Advisory Team:  Dr. Marcia Rioux, Mr. Shudarson Subedi
  • Editors: Ms. Paula Hearn, Ms. Alexis Buetgenn, Mr. Manish Prasai
  • Reviewers: Dr. Paula Campos Pinto, Dr. Narmand Boucher, Dr. Rachel Gorman, Ms. Tammy Bernasky, Mr. Bishal Dahal
  • Individual Experience Monitors: Mr. Devi Bahadur Pokharel, Ms. Anita Ghimire, Mr. Ratna Bahadur Shahi, Ms. Laxmi Maharjan,
  • Focus Group Discussion Facilitators: Mr. Kedar Prasad Adhikari, Mr. Satish Chandra Jha
  • Systemic Monitors:    Mr. Nara Bathadur Limbu, Ms. Tej Kumari Tiwari
  • Data Analysts: Mr. Yubaraj Kattel, Mr. Sushil Adhikari
  • Sign Language Interpreters: Ms. Radha Bohora, Mr. Prakash Shrestha, Ms. Nripa Devkota
  • Transcribers and Translators: Ms. Kripa Sigdel, Mr. Kamal Chaulagain, Ms. Shristi Rijal, Ms. Shreyasa Dhakal, Ms. Shijan Acharya, Ms. Laxmi Nepal, Ms. Ikshya KC
  • Field Coordinators: Mr. Kirtan Shrestha Duwal, Mr. Santosh Ghimire 


Monitoring the employment rights of persons with disabilities was crucial for the work of the National Federation of the Disabled- Nepal (NFDN) and for the larger Nepalese disability community. In this era of evidence-based advocacy, we cannot simply equate discrimination with the low employment rates of people with disabilities. There is a need for material evidence and case stories that illuminate the challenges facing people with disabilities in Nepal. This evidence supports targeted advocacy efforts to support a stronger movement for change. This holistic monitoring report about the employment rights of persons with disabilities has become one such tool. The report presents the gap between existing laws and policies, and their implementation, through firsthand experiences of people with disabilities themselves.

On behalf of NFDN, I would like to thank the Government of Canada (Global Affairs Canada) and York University for providing financial support for this research. My sincere gratitude goes to Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI), especially Prof. Marcia Rioux, Co-Director, and Ms. Paula Hearn, Project Coordinator, for their continuous support and insights while conducting this research and preparing the report.

Prof. Normand Boucher (Laval University, Canada) and Prof. Paula Pinto (University of Lisbon, Portugal) have provided critical input after reading the drafts of this report. Ms. Tammy Bernasky (PhD Student, York University) helped compile all this feedback. I thank all of them.

NFDN greatly appreciates Mr. Aashish Pant (a final year law student at Kathmandu School of Law) who took an active role in writing this report. His involvement has provided a critical law perspective on the findings presented in this report. This perspective is valuable to the efforts of the disability community, as well as other researchers and professionals working across related disciplines and fields of interest.

NFDN is grateful to the many people with disabilities who participated in interviews and shared their stories. We are grateful to the monitors, analysts and transcribers for their active engagement and contribution to successful completion of this research. Our sincere thanks goes to each of them.

I applaud Mr. Sagar Prasai, Project Country Coordinator, DRPI AWARE, and Mr. Bishal Dahal, Work Placement Coordinator for DRPI AWARE, at NFDN for their coordination of the overall monitoring project, including the data analysis and report writing. This project would not have been possible without their support alongside the entire team at NFDN.

This report is a valuable resource for presenting the real-life situation of employment of persons with disabilities in Kathmandu. It will be useful for advocates to lobby the government for policy level change, as well as support a useful dialogue with employers to make them responsible and inclusive.

Finally, I hope that this report will play an important role in creating more jobs for people with disabilities in coming days, weeks, months and years.

Mr. Sudarshon Subedi
National President, National Federation of the Disabled Nepal

Publication Date

June 2018

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