Monitoring the UNCRPD in Tanzania


From January 26 to February 02, 2011, Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI) conducted a Regional Workshop on monitoring the human rights of Persons with Disabilities in Kigali, Rwanda, the regional center of DRPI in Africa. The workshop was hosted in partnership with the Fédération Nationale des Personnes Handicapées (FENAPH). Country representatives committed to set up monitoring mechanisms in their respective countries after the closure of this historic workshop.

It is in this regard that this report highlights what the Federation of Disabled Persons in Tanzania has performed in order to implement the Kigali Declaration (on monitoring the human rights of persons with disabilities in Africa).

Progress made in Tanzania

The information hereunder will become an integral part towards documenting the situation of Human Rights in Tanzania. The Kigali Declaration centers on the fact that Disability Rights are Human Rights. In Tanzania, the latest programmes in force concerning Human Rights (Disability Rights) are as follows:
A. SHIVYAWATA, in collaboration with the government, launched The National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy (NDMS) in March 2011. The Strategy, among other things, outlines, in broad and specific terms, the issues, needs and rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) which need advocacy for mainstreaming. During the launching, a number of vital stakeholders were represented in the session. Such stakeholders included Secretariat of African Decade of Persons with Disabilities (SADPD), ARI, EAFOD, Action on Disability and Development (ADD), Sight Savers International, representatives from the European Union, Members of Parliament, Minister of Finance, UNICEF and many other dignitaries.
One of the  way forward action point  during the launching was that The Deputy Minister for Ministry of Finance was to take lead on the marketing  the NDMS.

B. The Federation has played an active role in preparation of the UPR report in a Joint CSO report as well had a representation in report prepared by the Commission for Human Rights in Tanzania.

Both reports reflected the real situation in respect of Human rights implementation. Some of the issues addressed include;

  • The killing of persons with Albinism that took place in different parts of the country, where it was recommended that the government makes it a matter of urgency to ensure that investigation is efficiently conducted and the perpetrators are prosecuted. Also that the government should strengthen a public awareness-raising campaign with a view to preventing future attacks.
  • Death due to skin cancer, it was also noted that persons with albinism are dying of skin cancer. Hence in the reports the government was urged to ensure provision of adequate health services and education in the prevention of cancer among persons with albinism.

C. Currently SHIVYAWATA is teaming up with the Task Force working on preparing the tools for Monitoring the UNCRPD and now have accomplish this work. The template has already been pretested and now we have the tool in place which is awaiting to be approved in the Persons with Disability Organizations’ Joint meeting. The template has already been pretested.