UPR Info Releases Assessment

UPR Info has released an overall assessment of the implementation of UPR recommendations at mid-term.

The publication “Beyond promises: the impact of the UPR on the ground” presents the results of four years of the Follow-up programme. It is based on 165 Mid-term Implementation Assessments (MIAs) and information provided on more than 11,500 recommendations from all UPR Stakeholders – states, civil society organisations, national human rights institutions, and UN agencies. The study provides quantitative analysis, concretes examples of implementation, as well as best practices for engaging with the UPR from the points of view of all UPR stakeholders.

The results of this research are encouraging: 48 percent of recommendations have triggered action from states. Considering that all stakeholders are still learning to use the mechanism, more effective engagement can and will result in even more human right progress. We, therefore, hope that this study will provide you with information and inspiration to continue the great work that you are already doing!

Click here to download the publication.

More than 40% of NGOs took part in our programme over the last four years.  We thank you for staying committed to improving human rights. This publication would not have been possible without you!

While we will stop publishing MIAs, we nevertheless encourage you to continue providing us with voluntary mid-term reports that we will make available on our website.

We are dedicated to supporting the work of civil society members and remain at your disposition for any questions on the publication, implementation of UPR recommendations, or the opportunities that the UPR offers to civil society.

Best regards,