New DRPI Report: Rights of people with intellectual disabilities in Serbia

We are happy to announce the publication of the new new monitoring
report on rights of people with intellectual disabilities in the
Republic of Serbia. The report was produced within the framework of the
project “Self-advocacy for fundamental rights of persons with
disabilities in Serbia”. This two-year project was run by the
Association for Promotion of Inclusion from Serbia in collaboration with
DRPI and 7 grassroots organizations working with people with
intellectual disabilities from all regions of Serbia with the goal to
widen the self-advocacy movement in Serbia. DRPI methodology was adapted
and applied to empower self-advocates in Serbia to monitor their rights.
The monitoring report draws on individual experiences of people with
intellectual disabilities obtained through interviews with their peers
with the support of assistants and reveals what are the “hot issues” for
persons with intellectual disabilities offering the insight in their
life experiences. The report is available in the Serbian language.