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About KocihtaThe Aboriginal Human Resource Council (AHRC) launched Kocihta as a national registered charity (#846394922 RR 0001) in October 2013.

Kocihta, phonetically enuciated “Koh-chee-tah”,  is one of only six national Indigenous charities/non-profits in Canada helping to resolve the Indigenous education and employment gap — our nation’s biggest socio-economic issue. It is the only national charity with the sole focus to help Indigenous youth, including youth with disabilities/special needs, reach their human resource and career potential.

We help build Canada’s fastest growing, youngest and largest under-leveraged asset of Indigenous youth into a larger, more confident, and connected group with skills and passions that are better matched to opportunities in the workforce.

Our programs help Indigenous youth overcome their barriers to stay in school, acquire the knowledge and leadership skills they need to plan a career path, and get connected to workplace opportunities within a career-of-choice, in order to become exemplary members of Canada’s workforce.

“We all have a creative longing to realize our potential.  It’s one of the most fundamental of all human hungers.”
– Robin Sharma, Sharma Leadership International Inc.

Aboriginal Human Resource Council’s Alignment with Kocihta

AHRC created Kocihta to build capacity in the Indigenous workforce and address the supply side gaps and the human resource development challenges that have been identified by its corporate Leadership Circle partners, and Indigenous leaders across Canada.

AHRC has been a national leader in Indigenous workforce readiness since 1998 – helping to achieve positive social/economic outcomes for Canada by building Indigenous supply side capacity and bridges that connect Aboriginal talent to employers.

The council has trained over 1,400 practitioners to deliver its Guiding Circles (Step 1 & 2) Indigenous-based career development program, which has been operating since 2002 in partnership with Ergon Communications.

Kocihta, a Cree word meaning… to reach someone or something, is reaching out to foundations, corporations, and individuals for support to deliver programs that help Indigenous youth. Reach out today to learn how you can help Indigenous youth reach their career potential through grants, sponsorships and donations. 

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