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Welcome to DRPI Serbia. Two DRPI projects have been implemented in Serbia:

1. DRPI Serbia Country Monitoring Project

2. DRPI Accessible Elections Report: Participation of persons with disabilities in political and public life

This page discusses the Serbia Country Monitoring Project. For the DRPI Accessible Elections Report, please go to the DRPI Accessible Elections Serbia page.

DRPI Serbia Country Monitoring Project

The goal of the CMP in Serbia was to empower local DPOs and persons with disabilities to effectively monitor the implementation of UNCRPD applying DRPI methodology of holistic monitoring and to create national network of monitors creating in that way sustainable monitoring mechanism of rights of persons with disabilities in Serbia. Project involved capacity building activities and monitoring in the field, combining the three elements of holistic monitoring: monitoring of individual experiences, systemic monitoring and media monitoring. Based on the findings from three separate elements of monitoring, assigned teams for each element of monitoring have assembled the evidence-based reports used to draft the holistic report.

The Training workshop for monitoring of rights of persons with disabilities (7 working days) was held in Novi Sad, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in hotel Park, from 17th – 24th March 2013, with participation of 28 participants – persons with disabilities from 14 different DPOs.

For the purpose of monitoring of individual experience, 60 interviews with persons with disabilities was completed in three places: in Belgrade, as the capital of the Republic of Serbia, in Novi Sad – the second largest city in Serbia and the main city of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and in the Danube district, municipality of Velika Plana with surrounding municipalities and rural areas.

For the purpose of the report on the media monitoring, articles in the print media in the period from September 2012 until June 2013 were analysed, covering the topics of the rights of persons with disabilities. 900 articles from 53 printed media that have appeared during this period were processed.

Systemic monitoring was based on the problems arising from the interviews, analysing the regulatory framework, the effects of its implementation, finding flaws in the framework specifically designed templates for systemic monitoring that monitors the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and relying on the relevant reports of independent institutions and civil society organisations.

Partner organizations involved in the project

The project envisaged close cooperation with local organizations of persons with disabilities. Field work in the monitoring of individual experiences is coordinated by: the South Bačka District Association of Dystrophy, Association “Talos” from Belgrade and Association “Will for Life” (“Volja za životom”) from Velika Plana. In addition to these organizations, which coordinated the fieldwork, the following organizations are directly involved in the project:

Belgrade: Association of paraplegics and quadriplegics “Ada” Čukarica, the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Novi Beograd, CCSVI Alliance, Association of Persons with Cerebral and Infantile Palsy Belgrade.

Novi Sad: Alliance of People with Paraplegia of Vojvodina, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization/Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, Union of People with Distrophy of Vojvodina, City Organization of the Blind.

Podunavlje district: Association of Persons with Developmental Disabilities “Key”, (“KLJUČ”) Žabari, Association of Cerebral and Infantile Palsy of Svilajnac Municipality, Inter-municipal Association of Persons with Paraplegia of Jasenica.

DRPI Serbia – People

Organizational Partner:

Centre for Society Orientation

Country Project Coordinator:

Goran Lončar

Individual Experiences Monitoring

Novi Sad:

  • Andjelka Samardžić
  • Radovan Anton
  • Aleksandra Manja
  • Stevan Lukovnjak
  • Milesa Milinković
  • Suzana Ristanić


  • Bojan Cvijanović
  • Bojan Milutinović
  • Svetlana Kovčić
  • Dragomir Milenković
  • Marija Milovanović
  • Milica Bugarčić
  • Nebojša Prokić
  • Aleksandar Prokić

Velika Plana:

  • Ana Marković
  • Danijel Miletić
  • Ivana Čitaković
  • Marko Šmigić
  • Milena Dabižljević
  • Miroslav Dragašević

Media Monitoring

  • Sonja dr Vasić

Systemic Monitoring

  • Ana Pavlović
  • Iva Danilović