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From January 22nd to 30th, 2012, the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro and the DRPI Europe Regional Centre co-hosted a seven-day training involving 21 Montenegrins with disabilities. The training was facilitated by regional and Montenegrin persons with disabilities who had participated in the DRPI Europe Regional Training held in Belgrade, Serbia in March 2011.

During the Opening Ceremony, Bengt Lindqvist, DRPI Co-Director and former UN Special Rapporteur on Disability, addressed participants via Skype. He provided an overview of how the DRPI project began and emphasized the importance of having persons with disabilities take the lead in monitoring their own rights.

During the training, participants learned how to use DRPI tools to collect information about the human rights experiences of persons with disabilities through face-to-face interviews and about disability-related laws, policies and programs. Participants also learned how to analyze and report on the information that they collect in order to make positive changes in their communities.  Ample time was given to practice using the tools so that participants would be ready to begin monitoring soon after the training. The process was aided by role playing and group discussions in an effort to keep the training as interactive as possible.

Following the training, participants returned to their home communities to begin the monitoring process. Pairs of trained monitors are now conducting interviews in three areas of the country: Bar, Podgorica and Bijelo Polje. At each place, there is also a Site Coordinator who is facilitating the process. In addition, a team of monitors is examining the laws, policies and programs of Montenegro to assess whether they adequately respect, protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities.

Read the Montenegro Alternative Report on the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Access photos from the Montenegro training on our Facebook page.

DRPI Montenegro – People

Organizational Partner: Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro

Country Project Coordinator: Milenko Vojičić

Individual Experiences Monitoring

BAR Monitoring Site

Site Coordinator: Natasa Borovic

  • Slavko Vucicevic
  • Veselin Joketic
  • Asan Nikezic
  • Andrija Maricevic
  • Lidija Guberinic
  • Bojana Gacic

PODGORICA Monitoring Site

Site Coordinator: Goran Macanović

  • Cedo Lazic
  • Dragutin Jokovic
  • Lidija Radanovic
  • Marin Vujkovic
  • Slavica Samardzic
  • Danijela Vusurovic
  • Branka Rahovic
  • Andrija Samardzic

BIJELO POLJE Monitoring Site

Site Coordinator: Samir Guberinic

  • Zada Lahovljak
  • Nevzeta Trubljanin
  • Mersad Muric
  • Desa Perunicic
  • Milka Stojanovic
  • Velizar Bozovic
  • Dusan Rakocevic
Data Analysts
  • Marina Vujačić
  • Milan Saranovic

Systemic Monitoring (Laws, Policies and Programs)

Monitors and Data Analysts

  • Milan Saranovic
    Miroslava Mima Ivanovic