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DRPI Accessible Elections Serbia Project: Participation of persons with disabilities in political and public life

This project investigated the accessibility of the electoral process and the participation of persons with disabilities in political and public life in the Republic of Serbia. On March 2014, early parliamentary elections were held. Following the calling for these elections, the Center for Society Orientation – COD and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) – developed a project that aims to show how and to what extent persons with disabilities participate in political and public life, with the aim of equalizing opportunities for political participation, including the electoral process. The project was supported by British Council Serbia.

Click here to access the report: Accessible Elections: Participation of Persons With Disabilities in Political and Public Life – Serbia 2014

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Associates and monitors:

  • Goran Lončar – Centre for Society Orientation (COD)
  • Iva Danilović – Belgrade Center for Human Rights
  • Desanka Žižić – Association of Serbian Sign Language Interpreters
  • Biljana Janjić – Mental Disability Rights Initiative – Serbia
  • Jelena Avramović – National Democratic Institute (NDI)
  • Vesna Nestorović – Association White Cane
  • Vidan Danković – Accessibility Audit Association
  • Radovan Radulović – Association Will for Life
  • Mihailo Gordić – Belgrade’s organization of Deaf
  • Ana Pavlović – National Blind Association.