DRPI Yukon disability rights monitoring training held in Whitehorse

The DRPI Yukon training took place in the context of a week-long disability rights initiative in Whitehorse called Keeping Track of Our Rights – held from December 1st – 5th 2014. The historic one-week event was attended by participants from Yukon as well as over 10 other communities in the Yukon. It was co-sponsored by the Yukon Human Rights Commission and the Yukon Council on Disabilities, with a grant from the Community Development Fund.

Training on disability rights and the monitoring of rights was held four of the five days. On Dec. 4th a Disability Rights Summit was held, which was attended by participants from the rights training workshop as well as a range of stakholders from civil society and local government, including:

  • Stephanie Dixon, Paralympian Athlete and Summit Moderator
  • Heather MacFadgen, Director Yukon Human Rights Commission
  • Chris Blodgett, LDAY & CRPD Workshop Participant
  • Rebecca Gowan, Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Gerard Tremblay, CRPD Workshop Participant
  • Minister Mike Nixon, Yukon Legislative Assembly

The one week initiative concluded with Justice Minister Mike Nixon responding to the call from disability rights advocates by promising to meet with them to discuss the need for an independent monitoring mechanism so that persons with disabilities can monitor their own rights.

Access photos from the training on our Facebook page.