Disability Rights Monitoring in Africa Mailing Listserv and Discussion Forum Created

A Mailing Listserv and Discussion Forum of ‘Disability Rights Monitoring in Africa’has been created as a result of the Africa Regional Training on Monitoring Disability Rights through an Online Methodology, held in Pretoria, South Africa from 26th-29th February 2016.

Organized by the Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI), in collaboration with the Africa Disability Alliance (ADA), the training brought together DPOs, researchers and pertinent regional organizations representing some 10 African countries of East, West and Southern Africa. The creation of this listserv was suggested by participants as one of the outcomes of the aforementioned training and will facilitate continued exchange of relevant updates as well as various opportunities of collaboration in relation to disability rights monitoring in Africa and beyond.The list will serve as a platform to exchange various update on disability rights monitoring among stakeholders. To request to be added to the group, visit this link