DPRI is hiring an India Work Placement Coordinator

There is an immediate opening for a part-time position for India Work Placement Coordinator for Disability Rights Promotion International’s Asian Workplace Approach that Respects Equality (AWARE) project. DRPI is a collaborative project working to establish a holistic and sustainable global system to monitor the human rights of people with disabilities. DRPI has begun a five-year […]

The Disability Intergroup elects new bureau

Strasbourg, 15 January 2015 | The Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament held this morning its first meeting after its re-establishment. During the meeting, the whole Bureau of the Disability Intergroup was elected, and now it consists of 4 co-presidents and 8 vice-presidents. This new structure will allow a broad consensus through which the Disability […]

The Fight for Disabled Rights Has Gone on Too Long

Thank goodness for the 1960s and the upheavals it caused, I find myself saying these days. It was a time of the dismantling of the old guard, where groups outside of the circle of old white men in suits who controlled everything fought for — and gained — their rights. The civil rights movement gave […]

Project seeks participation of First Nations/Aboriginal persons with a disability

Expanding the Circle: Aboriginal People with Disabilities Focus on Rights Toronto–Can you imagine a world where we are all equal? A world where you can actively participate in and give back to your community as a First Nations/Aboriginal person with a disability? A world free from discrimination and barriers? The Expanding the Circle Project would […]

DRPI-AWARE Employer Workshops

DRPI AWARE in collaboration with its local partners NFDN and BPKS, held  the Disability Creates Innovation workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal and Dhaka, Bangladesh, in August 2014. The business case for hiring people with disabilities was discussed, along with opportunities to increase employment for people with disabilities in both countries. Click here to access photos from […]

New study released on social participation in Algeria

A national disability strategy must be implemented in Algeria to facilitate the social inclusion of people with disabilities, recommends a recent report recently released in Algeria.  The  study was conducted by the Fédération Algérienne des Personnes Handicapées and Handicap International, in collaboration with DRPI and launched at a research seminar held 13-15 December. Click here […]

DRPI Regional Partner ADA hosts Roundtable Meeting

September 2014: A Continental Roundtable Meeting held in Harare, Zimbabwe with the Theme “Mainstreaming Disability in National Development Plans for an Inclusive Society” Organized by our Regional Partner – the Africa Disability Alliance – ADA, in collaboration with the government of Zimbabwe, the Federation of Disabled Persons Organizations in Zimbabwe (FODPZ) and Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM). 

DRPI Regional Officer at Human Rights Mechanisms Training in Nairobi

A Capacity Building Training aimed at reducing the underutilization of UN and African Union human rights mechanisms by increasing the scope and quality of submissions from CSOs operating in Africa has taken place in October (14-16th, 2014) in Nairobi, Kenya. The training was jointly organized by the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders […]

Africa Regional Officer presents at polio conference

DRPI’s Africa Regional Officer, Dagnachew Wakene, presented at the 2nd European Polio Conference, organized by the University of Amsterdam. The event was attended by nearly 400 participants from all corners of the world, including researchers, practitioners and, most importantly, polio survivors themselves and their international networks such as the Polio Survivors’ Network (PSN), European Polio […]