Nepal: Disability Rights include Political Rights Confirmed in New Constitution!!

The rights of persons with disabilities, going to be addressed in the new constitution of Nepal. Ultimately the long and hard struggle of persons with disabilities for their political and other rights in the new constitution have brought a remarkable result. National Federation of the Disabled Nepal has been leading the campaigns for last few […]

BPKS hosts DPI’s World Council Meeting: 28 – 30 June 2015

DRPI-AWARE Bangladesh partner BPKS to host Disabled People’s International World Council Meeting from 28 to 30 June, 2015. The meeting will be held at BPKS Complex.  International leaders of DPI will gather from around the world to meet at the BPKS complex. Some Bangladeshi leaders with disabilities will also welcome the DPI world Leaders.

Expression of Solidarity with NFDN, Nepali people with disabilities and all those affected by the recent earthquakes

Disability Rights Promotion International expresses its solidarity with our partner, the National Federation for the Disabled (NFDN), as well as all Nepali people, including and in particular people with disabilities and their allies, in the wake of the devastating earthquakes that have recently rocked the country. We have received word from the families of NFDN […]

DRPI-AWARE Nepal Workplace Coordinator attends HR Meet

Bishal Dahal, the Nepal Work Placement Coordinator for the DRPI AWARE Project recently attended “HR Meet”, a networking event attended by more than 200 HR Professionals representing different organizations/ companies, to talk about the AWARE project, its goals and opportunities for collaboration. Access photos on the DRPI-AWARE Facebook page showing the event.

Not about charity – Nepali Times interviews Marcia Rioux

Marcia H Rioux is Research Professor at York University in Toronto, where she is affiliated with Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI). She was recently in Kathmandu to meet with private sector employers, and to discuss how to promote access to opportunities in the labour force for people with disabilities. Excerpts from her conversation with Ashutosh […]

India Work Placement Coordinator Position – Deadline 27 February

There is an immediate opening for the position of India Work Placement Coordinator for Disability Rights Promotion International’s Asian Workplace Approach that Respects Equality (AWARE) project. DRPI is a collaborative project working to establish a holistic and sustainable global system to monitor the human rights of people with disabilities. DRPI has begun a five-year employment […]

Nepal: DRPI-AWARE – Senior Managers Workshop on Hiring People with Disabilities

On Monday February 16 NFDN in collaboration with DRPI-AWARE facilitated a workshop called CREATING AN INCLUSIVE WORKPLACE: Putting Theory into Practice. Nine senior managers/CEOs participated in a lively discussion of the value, issues and concerns of employment of people with disabilities. Employers represented IT, tourism and hospitality sectors, entrepreneurship, manufacturing and financial industries. The workshop […]

DRPI is hiring work placement coordinators: India, Nepal, Bangladesh

There are three immediate openings for part-time positions for Work Placement Coordinators for Disability Rights Promotion International’s Asian Workplace Approach that Respects Equality (AWARE) project.  One position is available in Nepal, one in Bangladesh, and one in India. Please click on the link below to read the detailed job description and learn more information about […]

DRPI-AWARE Employer Workshops

DRPI AWARE in collaboration with its local partners NFDN and BPKS, held  the Disability Creates Innovation workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal and Dhaka, Bangladesh, in August 2014. The business case for hiring people with disabilities was discussed, along with opportunities to increase employment for people with disabilities in both countries. Click here to access photos from […]

Second field visit scheduled to Vietnam for Feb 2015

A second field work to Vietnam is scheduled for February, 2015. This will include workshops with women and girls with disabilities and a policy dialogue, entitled “Policy on girls and women with disabilities.” The activity is co-organized by Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), members of the MRGD project, UNICEF, Action to Community Development Center […]