African Disability Forum (ADF) established at Regional Meeting

A meeting of nearly 40 regional and national leaders of organisations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) in Africa, which took place17-19 November 2014, at the UN Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, established the African Disability Forum (ADF). The ADF aims to unify and amplify the voice of Africans with disabilities, their families and their organizations in […]

Africa Regional Officer presents at polio conference

DRPI’s Africa Regional Officer, Dagnachew Wakene, presented at the 2nd European Polio Conference, organized by the University of Amsterdam. The event was attended by nearly 400 participants from all corners of the world, including researchers, practitioners and, most importantly, polio survivors themselves and their international networks such as the Polio Survivors’ Network (PSN), European Polio […]

New DRPI Project: Multi-Sector Employment Strategy for Women and Men with Disabilities

A new DRPI project will focus on increasing the productivity of women and men with disabilities and encouraging employers to make workplaces more accessible. The project has strong support from grassroots organizations in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. The new CIDA-funded project will target three sectors in these countries – the food processing industry, the hospitality […]