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Oswald Tuyizere, DRPI Africa Regional Officer

Mr. Oswald TUYIZERE stands in front of a cactus

Mr. Oswald Tuyizere

Mr. Oswald Tuyizere is an energetic and skilled lawyer (LLB) with a disability. Before taking on the post of DRPI Africa Regional Officer, he served as Continuing Legal Education Coordinator at Rwanda Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD). Prior to that post, Mr. Tuyizere coordinated the Land Registration Activities in Nyanza District, Southern Province on behalf of National Land Centre. Mr. Tuyizere played a significant role in establishing the Fédération Nationale des Personnes en situation de Handicap (FENAPH) covering 30 districts in Rwanda and he represents FENAPH in Kamonyi District. Mr. Tuyizere has been involved with several associations and cooperatives including, for instance, Peacemakers Rwanda and Rwanda Disability Development Agency.

Mr. Tuyizere is eager to work with and on behalf of his fellow Persons with Disabilities. He will use his strong analytical, administrative and managerial skills, along with his knowledge of English, French, Swahili and Kinyarwanda languages to coordinate disability rights monitoring activities at the Africa regional level.

He is a welcome addition to the DRPI team!!!